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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mr Woof and his ears!

Wow what a beautiful day here at Camddwr! I really love this place at this time of year- I took the opportunity to take some much needed shots of Mr Woof - I wasnt incredibly successful- but managed a couple of nice ones- the others are of disappearing bottoms etc!  He is growing into a handsome young man, surprisingly not a big dog, but a real little charachter!
We are also very proud to say that his mum 'pip' owned by Sandra Adams, won the CSJ Novice final that we ran last weekend at Bakewell- more news on that later, but all I can say is - WOW she was absolutely stunning! If Mr Woof  has inherited some of her amazing talent-I will be more than happy!  Anyhow- Here are the latest shots of our boy-Note to self- dont try and take pictures while all the dogs are zooming round the paddock- whilst its good distraction training, and wait proofing- it also turns into a bit of a circus!
I reckon these are his ears to stay, although the other one does put in an appearance when he is excited lol 

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  1. You are a very handsome boy Mr Woof, I love your ears. I hope you will follow in your mums footsteps & be a star too. Work hard, play hard & you'll make it :0)
    Lots of love, CP xxx