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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Well I thought it was about time I introduced this little man!Woof is our new addition to our family and is now six months old. He is actually a tri- although i dont think you would notice- I will be posting here about his training which will now be starting in earnest, so you can follow his progress! He is an agility bred dog, and we are very lucky to have such a happy healthy pup here at Camddwr! I can't wait to start his training, but we are always keen not to rush our young dogs, and believe that good solid foundation work shold be the cornerstone of a dogs' career, and this is where we will begin. I have started with jumping lanes, using 'jump bumps' to teach an independent sendaway and recall, with no movement  from me at all- I am also using a ball thrower to help as a remote reward for him- I cannot say I have ever had a problem with independence training, but I do love this piece of kit, and Woof does too- so will be adding some small clips using it shortly! With contacts I am still undecided what to do- but  would like to be able to teach two behaviours to Woof- a 2020 and also a running contact. I dont know too many people who have managed this successfully so we will have to see how it goes- but it is still in the 'thinking ' stage just now! 
We have just come back from the Olympia semi's - a sad day in many ways, not only did it mark a  decision to retire binka from competitive Agility Competion, (he will still be kept fit and be entered in the odd run) but also it was a day of 'if only's! ' for young Tog! Not our day today, and it  will be sad not to be going to London at Xmas- Indeed I cannot remember the last time this has not been  the culminaton of our Agility Calender-  but well done indeed to all who qualified in such a fast fun exciting semi final! Especially to little Woofs' mum Pip  who did the most stunning run - I will look forward to following their progress in December!

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  1. Woof looks fab can't wait to see him in action! What weave training system will you use???